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Lerici Legge il Mare IX edition 2019

marinaresca 01 300Here we are at the 9th edition of LERICI LEGGE IL MARE, the first Italian event of Literature and Maritime Culture. Designed and conceived by Bernardo Ratti, President of the Maritime Mutual Relief Society, which has been promoting and organizing the event together with the Municipality of Lerici (Department of Culture), the S.T.L. Lerici, in partnership with Ricci bookstore in La Spezia. During the last editions, the event was also organized by Mursia publishing house, with the important collaboration of Lorenza Sala and her staff members.
Why in Lerici?: because it is one of the most famous seaside villages with a strong maritime tradition for centuries. The Ligurian hamlet is therefore the natural site for an international maritime sailing event. Liguria, Lerici, land of great sailors, great dealers and explorers, Lerici with its culture and its being openminded toward the world: sea does not divide people, but it connects people.
International guests, maritime bookshops, authors, conferences, boat races, activities for kids and youngers, maritime activities, music, solidarity, books on board, adventures in the Gulf of Poets, sailing ships, exhibitions, photo competitions, gastronomy etc … all of this is LERICI LEGGE IL MARE.
Human beings have always been living and loving the sea to discover new worlds and new people, to recognize the sea as their natural element. A sea to live, to read and to talk about.


Friday, September 6th 

Hours 4.45 p.m. P.zza Garibaldi: Exhibition Opening – Bookshop by the sea opening – Boats arrival.

With the participation of:

Leonardo Paoletti, Major of Lerici – Bernardo Ratti, Curator of the event and President of the SMMS – Riccardo Bini, Lerici’s Culture representative – Loris Zanelli, President of STL Lerici – Lucrezia Ricci, Libreria Ricci La Spezia

Mr. Björn Larsson, Guest of honor

Hours 5.30 p.m. Calata Mazzini: Children’ sailing race organized by Circolo della Vela Erix – award ceremony – arrival of Latin Sails – Coordinator: Alessandro Mamino

Exhibits’ opening p.zza Garibaldi

in collaboration with Enea: “Dinamiche di un’Era”, ” AGISCI pure tu”

Restoring phases of the Latin Sailes “Gozzo Bianca”, by Alberto Cavanna

Photo Contest “Lerici Legge il Mare: I sentieri sul Mare”, organized by SMMS and AVIS Lerici – Coordinator Vittorio Baudone

Hours 6.00 p.m.: Historical event with Luca Lo Basso – Antonio Musarra 
Antonio Musarra’s book: “1284 La battaglia della Meloria” (ed. Laterza) – introduced by Margherita Manfredi
On Aug 6th, 1284 off-shore the Livorno coast at the Meloria shoals, Genoeses and Pisans faces themselves in one of the biggest naval battles of the Middle Ages. The Meloria battle has been the arrival point of several upheavals in the Mediterranean area, from the fallen of the Costantinopoli Latin Empire to the rise of the Angevin authority to the Vespro war. The battle consequences were strongly evident in different fields inside the two towns, expecially in the improvement of the naval tactical-strategical mindset. Thanks to the Meloria, naval war’s methods and techniques have been improved, obtaining that “nautical revolution” in the effort of getting out of the Mediterranean borders. The author, with his accurate report of the events, thinks about the naval war from a true and deep maritime perspective.
Antonio Musarra (born in 1983) is a Middle Ages historic researcher at the Sapienza University in Rome. Ahmanson Fellow 2016-2017 at Villa I Tatti (Harvard University), research fellow at the Università degli Studi in Florence (2017-2018 and 2018-2019), associate of the Naval and Maritime Historical Laboratory at the Università degli Studi in Genoa. He’s been dealing with Middle Ages Mediterranean history, mostly about the history of the Crusades and the pilgrimages, the naval war, the Genoese Middle Ages institutional, economic and political history and the Franciscan history. Among his most recent books, “Acri 1291. La caduta degli stati crociati”, Bologna il Mulino ed. 2017; “1284 La Battaglia della Meloria”, Roma-Bari Laterza ed. 2018; “Il crepuscolo della crociata”, Bologna, Il Mulino ed. 2018; “Processo a Colombo. Scoperta o Sterminio?”, Viareggio La
Vela ed. 2018; “Gli Italiani e le crociate”, Roma Istituto per l’Oriente “C.A. Nallino” ed. 2019.

Luca Lo Basso was born in Sanremo, he got his history university degree at the Letters and Philosophy Department of the Genoa
University. Since 2005 he’s a modern history university researcher, having taught the Story of Ligury in the modern time, Modern History, Ancient Italian States History, Origins and Elements of the Modern History and Naval History. He’s the Department representative for the scientific agreements with the Zara University. He has been joining at the NAVICORPUS international program, coordinated by the University of Nizza-Sophia-Antipolis. Over the last years, his studies have been towards the naval war, the merchant shipping – mostly in its social, economical and legal aspects – and the presence of maritime Ligurian workers in the orld seas, during this contemporary time.

Hours 7:30 p.m: Aperimuscolo in Borgata: Drink and mussels at the Borgata Marinara

Hours 9:00 p.m.: Björn Larsson’s book: “La lettera di Gertrud” (ed. Iperborea) – introduced by Alberto Cavanna

At Lerici Legge il Mare the new Björn Larsson’s novel: a story about the identity, the freedom, the choice … and about the price sometimes it must be paid for having the right of making this choice. While sprinkling his mother’s ashes, Martin Brenner, a brilliant geneticist at the top of his professional career, an happy husband and father, starts asking himself about his  relationship with her: why doesn’t he feel any sorrow, why has there always been a sort of veil between the two of them? There was a secret between them, separating them: his mother’s name wasn’t Maria, but Gertrud, an Holocaust surviving Jew. Therefore, what does it mean to be a Jew? He starts reading books, discussing with his friend Simon and Golder the rabbi, to understand which way to choose: keep this secret or accept his Jewishness, shocking not only his life but also his family’s. In addition to face that quiet relationship of mutual indifference with God.
With this book, Larsson would like to claim the right of every single person to be seen and judged only from one single perspective: being individual  persons.

Björn Larsson was born in Jönköping in 1953. He is a French literature teacher at the Lund University. He is also a philologist,a writer, a translator and he loves sailing; in Italy he is one of the most famous Swedish authors. He wrote very successful books all published by an Italian publishing house, “ Iperborea” . He wrote “La vera storia del pirata John Silver”, “Il cerchio celtico”, “Il porto dei sogni incrociati”, “I poeti morti non scrivono gialli” and “L’ultima avventura del pirata Long John Silver”.

Saturday, September 7th 

Hours 8.30 a.m.San Rocco church: Mass for all the sailors and the people of the sea

Hours 10.00 a.m. pontili: On board with the authors (programme to be announced). The programme is available on the back side of “Libri a bordo” or at the bookshop by the sea  – Sailors’ in Piazza Garibaldi, Lerici



Hours 11.00 a.m.: Award ceremony of the Photo Contest organized by the Maritime Society of Mutual Relief Lerici together with Avis Lerici 




Hours 11.00 a.m: ” L’ape libraia” – Little sea tales –  Workshop for children with Alessandro Lana

Hours 11:15 a.m.: Alberto Cavanna’s book: “A tradimento” (ed. Cairo) – introduced by Björn Larsson

In the old family house in the Ligurian Appennines, a man disappointed by the life’s adversities, spends his days alone without doing anything. His daughter, Anastasia, who lives in La Spezia together with her mother, moves to Acquabuona trying to fill the distance between her and her father. The man tells her the story of the members of his family, interlacing past and present, allowing the two to finally talk to each other in a mutual connection. But a shadow is threatening them, as soon as the August 14th, 2018 is approaching: the ponte Morandi’s collapse.

Alberto Cavanna was born in 1961 in Albisola Superiore and he is an Italian writer, translator and illustrator. In 1988 he moved to La Spezia where he became shipyard’s manager. At the top of his professional career, he left his job to completely dedicate himself to the writing and artistic activity. In 2001 he published “Storie di navi, di viaggi e di relitti” and the historical novel “Bacicio do Tin” in 2004, ranking the second position at the Bancarella Prize in 2004. In 2009, he won the Marincovich Prize and in 2010 the Città di Sanremo Casinò Prize. In 2016, with the historical novel “La nave delle anime perdute”, he won the Marincovich Prize. On July 2016, he translated and illustrated the J. Conrad’s novel “The Rover”. He collaborates with the “Arte navale” magazine. All his artistic activity has very deep roots in the inherited maritime tradition and also in the working culture, conceiveing the job not only as a surviving medium, but as a life code of ethics.

Hours 3:00 p.m.: FABIO FIORI’s book: “L’odore del mare” (ed. Ediciclo) – introduced by Benedetta Aleotti

The “Little travel philosophy” series invites Fabio Fiori, sailor and wandering, to tell the smell of the sea by an intimate and daily conversation with the water, the wind and the light, made by walking along the seaside. Sea lovers want to hear its voice and to see its colors. But they want also to touch it, to smell it and, sometimes, to taste a little of its salted taste. Going barefoot on its sand gives a sensual pleasure, mostly off season, when the wind is beating and the rain is falling down. Walking by the sea is a simple and free way to live the sea, in Marseille as in Palermo, in the Itaca island as in the Gargano promontory.

Fabio Fiori was born in Rimini in 1967. Sailor and wandering, he usually goes sailing  by oars, by feet and by pedals. He wrote several books, like “Un mare” (Diabasis, 2005), “Abbecedario Adriatico” (Diabasis, 2008), “Vela libre” (Stampa Alternativa, 2012) and more.  He’s been editing for years the project www.maregratis.blogspot.com

Hours 4:15 p.m.: FOR KIDS ONLY!

Geronimo Stilton is glad to invite all the kids at the: “Missione Pirati – Viaggio nel tempo 12” (ed. Piemme)

Stratopic day in Lerici!!! From Topazia, the Eco del Roditore’s journalist, editor and director mouse presents its last new book.

“My dearest rodents, follow me during this amazing Time Journey …Inside the Botanix, the new Time Machine designed by Ficcagenio Squitt, we’re going to travel to Mauritius in 1608 … over there, we will be catched by the cruelest pirates. Then, we will move to Venice in 1508, where we will meet Giorgione the painter and then we will move to Poitiers in 1168 at the Eleonora of Aquitania’s court. At the end, we will travel to Alessandria of Egypt in the first century A.D., where we will meet Erone. What a breath-taking adventure!!!

Hours 5 p.m. KAMISHIBAI THEATRE FOR CHILDREN with Alessandro Lana

Hours 5 p.m. MAURO PANDIMIGLIO’s book: “Modus Navigandi” (ed. Hoepli) – introduced by Michela Ceccon –

Pedagogy by the sea

Going by the sea, all the physical disabilities disapper, entering among the uniquenesses of which the Nature is a powerful expression. This book presents an experiment of disability inclusion on board. Going sailing is a way to learn, leaving from the inner part of us.

Mauro Pandimiglio, capable sailor, has founded the Supportive Sailing Italian Union, the Seasickness Club and, in 2001, the Handy Cup, the first European Competition where it’s possible to join only having an handicapped person on board.


Hours 6:00 p.m.: LERICI LEGGE IL MARE is pleased to invite Eraldo Pizzo, “Il Caimano”, the strongest water polo player of all times.

Eraldo Pizzo and Claudio Mangini present the book “Caimani come me” (ed. Sagep) – introduced by Alessandro Manfredi

June, 22nd 1951: a memorable date for the Italian water polo: a very young Eraldo Pizzo, he was only 13 years old, was playing his first water polo match for the Pro Recco team against the Camogli team. His debut started with a goal. In this way, the story of one of the most famous Italian and international water polo players had begun. He left his sign in every team he played for, in every competition he competed for, whether it was the Olimpic games or a less important league. He had the right technique, the geniality, the smartness, the personality: he was simply a high-level player.

What a chance to hear directly from him his incredible story!

Hours 9:15 p. m.: The “Maritime Society of Mutual Relief 2019” goes to PIETRO BARTÓLO, medical doctor in Lampedusa – meeting with Pietro Bartólo and Vittorio Alessandro – introduced by Lucia Bellaspiga, journalist of Avvenire newspaper

Vittorio Alessandro, the Admiral, joined in 1981 the Porth Authorities and, since then, he has been the Sant’Antioco, Portoferraio and La Spezia’s Admiral. During the last years, he directed the Coast Guard’s comunication and the environmental protection sector. He has been also public relation responsible of the Porth Authorities’ General Command and the Cinque Terre National Park President. He’s host of the “Il puntonave” program at RTL 102.5 Italian radio.

Pietro Bartolo’s book: “Le stelle di Lampedusa” (ed. Mondadori)

The Lerici’s Maritime Society of Mutual Assistance at the Lerici Legge il Mare 9th Edition is pleased to give the “Società Marittima alla Solidarietà in Mare 2019” award to Dr. Pietro Bartolo, the Lampedusa’s brave doctor, who has been assisting migrants arriving on the island for almost thirty years. He became a symbol of humanity, reaching also Hollywood, thanks to the “Fuocoammare” movie, by Gianfranco Rosi director. He has always been very operative on the humanitarian committment side.



Sunday, September 8th 

Hours 9.30 a.m.: “Hiking on the green paths”,  by Avis Lerici’s (entry at 7.45 a.m. in P.zza Bacigalupi Lerici)

Hours 10.00 a.m.: On board with the authors (programme to be announced) -The programme is available on the back side of “Libri a bordo” or at the bookshop by the sea

Hours 10.00 a.m.: THE SEA IS OUR LIFE AND IT’S ASKING US FOR HELP- Microplastic survey and collection inside the Gulf (booking requested) 
Event in collaboration with Franco Borgogno, journalist, photographer and naturalistic guide. He has been joining with different press offices and newspapers, caring about the environmental field. Since 2010, he is tutor at the “Giorgio Bocca Journalism Master” at the University of Turin. He is the Italian “5 Gyres Institute” ambassador, which is a US no-profit organization. About one year ago, together with “5Gyres Institute”he left
Piedmont to the Arctic Polar Circle to study the huge problem of the plastic waste in the sea. This scientific adventure has seen him among the finalists at the “San Francisco International Ocean FilmFestival”.

Hours 11:00 a.m.: “PERCORSI NEL BLU PROJECT” – Simulation of coastal biological monitoring techniques, by EriKa Mioni together with BioTeam students

PLASTIC AND MICROPLASTIC” WORKSHOP – Microplastic observation and survey by Marinella Abbate (Enea)

Hours 11:00 a.m.: Pier Paolo Cervone’s book: “Thaon di Revel. Il grande ammiraglio” (ed. Mursia) – introduced by Andrea Toscano, Admiral

“When he was a child, he made his life choice: forever sailor. He reached the top of the professional career. To celebrate his glory, at that time they had to invent a new rank, the Great Admiral rank.” Paolo Thaon di Revel has been the man that more than others innovated and changed the Italian Navy. He was born in Turin, on June 10th 1859, dedicating all his entire life to the sea. He joined the Libya war, he was Navy Major State Head during the World War I. He introduced new military instruments, the MAS, the special forces that later will become the Raiders. He was an old style admiral always with an eye toward the future.

Pier Paolo Cervone was born in Finale Ligure on Jan 25th 1953. He got his degree at the University of Genoa in Politic Sciences. He wrote several history books, winning two awards, “Libro ligure dell’anno” at the Peagna exhibit in 2009 with the “I dittatori, i generali e il piccolo re, diario di Enrico Caviglia” book and the “Mario Soldati for the history divulgation” award in 2010 with “La grande guerra sul fronte occidentale” book.


Hours 12:00 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.: IT’S TIME FOR THE SEA!

Children sea workshop with Alessandro Mamino and Elmo Medusei

THE TRADITIONAL SAILING BOAT Meeting with Giovanni Panella, The leudo “NUOVO AIUTO DI DIO” with the participation of Mario Dentone and the ship owners and the crew of the latin sailingboats and traditional sailing boats.  Introduced by Marco Equi

Latin sailing boat award ceremony with tipycal ligurian snack 

Hours 3:00 p.m: Latin sailing boat. During this edition we will welcome the “Zigoela” and the leudo “Nuovo aiuto di Dio” from Sestri Levante.

Hours 3:00 p. m.: ANNALISA COVIELLO’s book:  “Guida al porto e alla città di Luni” di (ed. Giacchè) – introduced by Marco Greco

Following the new “bridge”to Luni, Annalisa Coviello presents at Lerici Legge il Mare her illustrated guidebook edited by Irene Giacché publishing house. It’s a very smart guidebook with the monument maps, containing several pictures of the historical site, the very ancient mosaic floors, the frescos, Roman evidences, like some beautiful marble statues never exposed until now, kept at the Carrara’s Academy of Fine Arts. The guidebook is enriched by colored panels realized by Pamela Preti. There are also explanatory tables, like the one about the construction of the Roman roads and the one about the harbour activity, all of them included in a historical events series, starting from the foundations of the Roman town in the 177 B.C., until its decadence. The readers have the chance to know the kind of life of these ancient inhabitants, on the political, religious and economical side. The guidebook has been realized in three different languages, Italian, English and French.



Hours 4:00 p.m Annamaria “Lilla” Mariotti’s book: “Storie di pirati e piratesse del XVIII secolo” (ed. Addictions-Magenes) – introduced by 
It’s well known that all the pirates, famous or not, have been part of the same brotherhood, having all together the same goal: assault and plunder as many ships as possible to collect treasures. What about the reasons some sailors have been pushed by to go sailing leading a desperates’ crew? Which European countries have been involved against this true or supposed plague?

Annamaria “Lilla” Mariotti is a writer from Camogli, where she was born and where she actually lives and works. She writes sea stories and legends, expecially about tunas and tuna-fishing nets, lighthouses and lighthouse keepers, the last hermits. The sea represents for her a huge open and old book to leaf through, finding out never ending stories. She’s always a very appreciated guest at Lerici Legge il Mare.



Hour 5:00 p.m: MARIO DENTONE’s book: “La capitana – 2. l’orgoglio del mare” (ed. Mursia) – introduced by Mara Borzone

Mario Dentone is one of the Lerici Legge il Mare habitué. After the trilogy “Geppin” from Moneglia, we’re arrived at the second chapter of the Elisa’s epic tale: La Capitana. The presence of a woman at the big Genoa harbour doesn’t scandalize anymore the sailors and the “Camallis”. She conquered her position paying a very high price, winning battles on the sea and also fighting off the sea, loosing her beloved Gu. But she has to be very careful, because the harbour boss  wants her death, but she is going to fight tooth and nail.

Mario Dentone was born in Chiavari in 1947, he grew up, in Riva Trigoso and he actually lives in Moneglia. He is a writer and he published several novels, like “La badessa di Chiavari” in 2007 with whom he won the first prize at the “Il Maestrale” competition, “Il padrone delle onde”, in 2010, “Il cacciatore di orizzonti”, in 2012, “Il signore delle burrasche”, in 2014, “La Capitana – 1. l’ammutinamento”, in 2016.


Hours 6:00 p.m.: Massimo Minella tells the extraordinary and futuristic Exhibition assigned by the Kingdom of Italy to the Genoa city in 1914, “The International Navy and Maritime Hygiene Exhibition” – Introduced by Massimo Gualco

Massimo Minella tells by pictures of that old time the extraordinary and futuristic exhibition assigned by the Kingdom of Italy to the Genoa city in 1914, “The International Navy and Maritime Hygiene Exhibition”. Dedicated to the hygiene theme, it has been launched by King Vittorio Emanuele the III and by Queen Elena on May 23rd 1914. It was a very huge success, like the 2015 Expo in Milan (in correlation). That kind of “Expo” treated not only the hygiene subject, but also the Economy of the sea, the Colonialism and the relationship with the Americas. In that occasion, an electric monorail has been built, connecting for 2.2km the Giano pier to the Bazzecca bridge.

Massimo Minella was born in Voghera, he is a journalist and he lives in Genoa. He is actually vice copy-editor at “La Repubblica”’s Genoa edition newspaper.



Hours 9:00 p.m.: Conference:the sea ecosystems. The sea is asking us for help: which are the perspectives? 

With the partecipation of:

  • Franco Borgogno: Following the plastic from Alps to Liguria until Arctic (European Research Institute)
  • Giuseppe Suaria: Oceans made of plastic: scientific navigations from Mediterranean Sea to the South Pole. (CNR Lerici)
  • Chiara Lombardi: Environmental impacts of the climate change on the sea ecosystems: the bio construction case (ENEA)
  • Erika Mioni: The citizen science project – Blue Paths: best practices of global citizenship in coastal monitoring

Greetings and conclusions by Bernardo Ratti


Our fleet

It’s an antique triangular latin sailing boat for the goods transport. A safe and solid boat, for off coast and coast sailing, full loaded, too. Easy docking also outside the harbour. A special thanks to its crew, an appreciated presence at our events.



Faithful reconstruction of a XVIIIth century Russian “gabbiola Goletta”, very fast boats for customs and mail services



(Leudo’s Friends Association)
For the Leudo’s preservation, it has been founded the Leudo’s Friends Association in Sestri Levante. Leudo is a Tigullio typical latin sailing boat, mostly common in the Sestri Levante area. Its presence can be dated since the low Middle Ages and it’s supposed it has been brought by the Arabs. Always used as a commercial transportation boat, it has been designed to be launched and hauled on the beach, because under the Genoa Maritime Republic no harbours were allowed, to avoid the competition with the Genoa one.




According to tradition, the Latin Sailing Boats are joining the 2019 Lerici Legge il Mare.